These days Federica is devoting much time to complete Abook for Joomla 1.7. I managed to steal a little time to ask her some questions. Here's the interview!

The development of Abook for Joomla version 1.7 is not just a port of version 1.5 but it is nearly a complete rewrite of the code.
We know that new Abook will also have new features. Can you give us a brief summary of the major elements that we will find in Abook for 1.7?
"Despite the great job of rewriting the code Abook come out with some additional feature. The most important innovation introduced in the new version is federicatags management. How many times we've had to decide which category to put a book? Using tags this problem is solved: every book can be associated with many tags at once and then be part of multiple categories.
For the nostalgic, I would like to point out that there will be also 'traditional' category management. "

Can we give our readers an estimated percentage of completion of the project?
"We are at the stage of finishing touches, so it is almost to the release. I would ask users to wait a bit."

Some users on the forum have expressed the desire that Abook also has features such as the book loan or a personal collection of books to each site user. But there is something that you want to ask your users?
"The management of the loan will be one of the next features to be introduced in Abook, every self-respecting library lends his books and we will not be outdone!
Bringing the perspective of social network Abook however require a great effort. I would like to introduce the management of the personal collection of books, but to get to a real social network dedicated to books is still a long way. I am confident in the support of users to help improve Abook, what I mean is:
more and more users will use Abook there will be a chance to make it better.

Recently I discovered the OpenSearch protocol. This protocol allows you to receive search results in XML, the server that made the request will show the results formatted as desired. I hope that some user of Abook can give me more information about the specific features of OpenSearch protocol applied to a library. "

Thanks to Federica for taking some 'of his time and thank you for this interview, I think I can say on behalf of all, very useful for this component!

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