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How to migrate Alexandria Book Library from Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.X ?

Simple like a coffee ;-)

You can export all your data and import them in a fresh Joomla 3.X installation.


Below you'll find all steps and screenshots.

Step 1 - Export all data from Joomla 2.5

  • Go to Site->Global Configuration->Server and set "Database Type"= mysql
  • Go to Alexandria Book Library control panel and click on "Import/Export"
  • Verify that Export type is "Mysql backup" and click "Export"
  • Save the file in some place
  • Backup all images and file that you used for abook (author image, book image, attachments, etc...)
  • After export task, restore the "Database Type" parameter¬† as it was before

Step 2 - Import all data to Joomla 3.X

  • Install a fresh version of Joomla 3 (or use a dirty version, as you want ;-) ) and install a fresh version of Abook
  • Go to Alexandria Book Library control panel and click on "Import/Export"
  • Verify that Import type is "Mysql backup", click on "Browse" to choose the file previously exported and click "Import"
  • Restore all files and images in the same place as previous Joomla 2.5 version

Step 3 - Very important thing

  • Go to Alexandria Book Library control panel
  • Click on button "Donate" ;-)
  • Thanks!

Happy upgrading!

Below some screenshot on how to do it. Click on images to zoom

Step 1
Step 2
Last step for importing Abook data
Step 3