First of all you need to install ABook through the Extensions Manager in Joomla. Then:

  • Create the abook and abook_file directories into the image directory
  • Upload pictures, create categories and add books


Now you can publish your library. To do so you only need to add a (or more) item in a menu. How? In this way:


  • Go to menu in which you want to publish ABook (or create a new menu)How to publish ABook in your Joomla site
  • Click "New"
  • Click "Alexandria Book Library"
  • Click what you want to publish. You can choose between:
    • Author (this menu item will show all books for the author you choose)
    • Book (you publish only one book)
    • Categories (with this item you publish the whole library)
    • Category (you publish only one category/genre)
    • Find (you publish a search engine for your library)
    Give a menu title
  • (on the right you can customize parameters for this menu item)
  • Click "Save"
  • All done!

You can publish all menu items you want, also duplicated

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